Design Tech II

IMG_0085Overview: Students will concentrate on one or two of the following: woodworking techniques, jewelry making, wood turning, and metal working. You will complete at least one major project requiring advanced skills and craftsmanship. You may need to complete several smaller projects to develop your skills. Emphasis will be on proper use of tools, principles of design, demonstration of fine craftsmanship, and shop safety. You will be introduced to, and required to use, Google SketchUp as a three dimensional design software. You will complete at least one service project for the shop, school, or community. You will assist Design Technology I students with their projects when reasonable. You will display your work twice during the semester.

IMG_1165_2Syllabus: You will work at your own pace to complete at least one major project, or a series of projects in one or more of the four areas: woodworking, jewelry, turning, and metal working. The first two weeks of the course will be spent demonstrating safe and appropriate use of hand tools and assisting Design Tech I students. There will be a safety/skills test at the end of the second week. In the third week, all students will complete a guided tutorial on three dimensional design before proceeding to the initial project. You will learn the safe and appropriate use of the relevant power tools as necessary. Subsequent projects will be determined by your interests and abilities. Each project will require a design plan, drawing, materials list, estimated work schedule, self-grading rubric, reflection, digital photos, and at least one online tutorial. Students not fulfilling these requirements may not be allowed to take the class, or other Design Tech classes, in the future.